Day 2

Another day and a much better weather : warmer temperature and directly a flight to Bolivia.
Interesting movie where you can feel a lot of work : every shot is meaningful, every light brings you the wow effect and entering an indigenous community ‘s privacy is just a pure neo colonial delight. Ah yes did I say neo colonial ? Well this is not the intent of the movie , but unfortunately audience’s reaction – audience averaging a 48 years old and highly germanised….oh yes I am missing the fact they are all members of the industry – and it made me feel uncomfortable, until the moment
the movie steps away from setting the background and enters the real topic : it is a mirror and this community is only an alibi. The key is our responsibility in every of our little daily gestures and a question about our personality and what our European entity is made of. Maybe this message is far too hidden behind the movie’s perfection. At least this is how I perceived it…not the guy kicking my chair.

Second one after a very quick sausage fries and butter beans
meal : let’s talk about divorce. Oh I forgot about the raspberry pie. A young German filmmaker is requested by his current girlfriend to work on his previous relationship, an aborted marriage. Interestingly enough his own father endured a very similar path. Very nice intentions and a clever mise en scene bring some true feelings into what could have been the worst posing I talk about myself I don’t know why movie. It brings me hope and at the same time brings up the eternal question : why using one’s story when we can use our and obviously how to make it not our story any longer
but a universal tale.Quite successful even if a bit long, specially the end credits.

Last one of the day or should I say lasts ones of the day : how to approach and embrace solitude. Points in common in both movies are :
– I pose the camera and let it roll
– the topic is overwhelming and characters are really strong. In that battle the second one could
be considered as the winner, as slowely the concept disappears behind a really tough and impressive reality. (which proudly gives credit to my yesterday’s note)

Today’s insights and thoughts are :
– such movie festival too often became the meeting point of the industry and only weekends can bring some more civilians
– storytelling is not welcomed here…ok let’ s rephrase: there are stories but I am pretty tired of having to read the synopsis to know what the movie will be about ( as the movie development only gives you an idea of the story at end-15min) and to have to look for more thoughts after it and not to think about my positionning towards what I have just watched.
– European filmakers should avoid working with any musician. Why this never ending usage of electric guitars waves and distorted sounds ? Do they have a special discount ?
– there is a real passion for archives images and to use them as a nitro effect along the movie. If you have a weaker moment, insert some archives. If you want to make a direct parallel, insert some archives. In every of the today’s movies there were some….

Conclusion is that it takes a lot to make a
damn good meaty movie, and any little lack in the image, the mise en scene,music or misuse of past footage can lower it or misdirect you. Until now, no movie took me for the trip they invited me, and looking around at the audience, i don’t consider sleeping or chatting or checking mobile phones as a proof of success. Nice surprises were the ability to use
some HD tech in a very clever way, even if the 21st century I like flairs everywhere showed up from time to time.

But like always a big thank you to those directors and their job as you feel the dedication to their work.

Tomorrow another day – heavy sun is expected so just what I need to go and close myself in fresh cooled rooms.

the movies :

“si pres si loin”, by Michel Favre, 74 min, CH
“ein versprechen”, by Levin Peter, 70min, Germany
“kluizenaar”, by M. Van Der Sloot, 25min, Netherlands
“la fabrica e piena”, by Irene Dioniso, 55 min, Italy

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