Visions du réel – first day note

(about yesterday’s- 24th of april)

This new edition started for me with two interesting movies showing in their own way an “external insider” perspective on  a certain contemporary Portugal.

Young generation of filmmakers still in the discovery of their own movie making approach, or should I precise of storytelling. I know two out of the three as we graduated together.

So was it easy for me to recognize their style and what they like to work on : for one is the idea of powerful marginal characters and attractive shooting spots, for the other the family’s dramas and “clever highly esthetic funny” scenes. Add to them a writer who appears from now and then in the movie she inspired thanks to one of her novels and you get a quite interesting but somehow frustrating 43 min.

The other movie was really not the type that I like : posing your camera somewhere and opening  the shutter isn’t enough to make it. A real pity as the topic was a good one – hazing in portuguese college – just missing the director’s positioning.

The afternoon got harder : “The 6 sides of a brick”…I felt something smelly in that title but the topic being Warsaw ghetto’s last stones tricked me : indeed I had to face a highly conceptual movie – new generation of director ? – where you can read line by line the project on the paper…but can’t see the translation on the screen. All possible formats of shooting were used, all types of narrative voices popped up, all type of images with sound / no sound, black screen, subtitles, super8mm, etc etc… A kind of disconnection of heart and mind on screen.

But don’t misunderstand me , there were elements in every of today’s movies that were worth bearing a very cold and rainy weather and that are some true food for thoughts.

The main one of today is…when you try to make a movie, it takes a lot and not only regarding time or money. It takes a lot to find exactly what you want to say and how you will achieve it. Sometimes we feel like we should say it all loudly to make sure people got your message, and sometimes we think that our message is so simple and pure that the way we will share it has to be magnificent and clever. Today there was a bit of both and my learning of the day is to really be able…to forget about all what you prepared when you shoot a movie : trust your instincts after you are done with your homework and work a lot on yourself. Confront yourself with your weaknesses, step outside of your confort zone and try to understand more the echo the topic you will work on has in you, rather to find all possible strategies and certified approaches that for sure will lead you to funding and understanding from professionals but might cut you from some audience…and most importantly from a personal growth. I do believe that professionals – like in music – could be satisfied with the score of a song as their imagination and talent can fill the gap to the performance ; for a standard audience (mmh yes a concept that could be defined and discussed for years) only heart and guts can go along….and only the risk of disappointing your pals could lead you to make the movie independent and the topic universal.

Tomorrow more to come, 6 movies on hold and I hope a better weather.

the movies :

“Queen’s Bath”, by Maya Kosa and Sergio Da Costa, 43 min, CH-Portugal

“Praxis”, by Bruno Moraes Cabral, 29 min, Portugal

“6 sides of a brick”, by Damien Monnier, 73 min, France

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