Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

Temperature is indeed warmer and 15 min before the screening the cinema is still empty. This would be my only negative comment about the festival : the crew is really nice and dedicated , but it is quite common to have most of the screenings starting late.  As a anecdote I heard yesterday people complaining about the fact that the main bar and restaurant were closed during the day and only opened in evenings. I would simply tell them that we are in the middle of a small city where you have dozens of nice little bars and worst case 5 min away from any screening place ?! (again I link it to yesterday’s comment on the audience’s age and if I hear any other comment like that I would link it to some geographical reason….).
What a delightful morning with the two first movies : Central Europe is the future of social /poetic documentaries. The first one – polish – had a pretty hard topic but within its 30 min length , it provided a very sharp and precise snapshot of a poor contemporary social life in Poland. The use of a shoulder camera gives this nervosity that goes along with the main character and with the polish mind set : sharp edges but sensitive inside.
The second, a romanian movie shows the everydays of two coal makers and they dream of a better tomorrow. If I had some doubts at the beginning as too many shots were just esthetic and too long, the following 20 min are just in line with the best way of treating the topic. In a nutshell, what a great morning !
Afternoon with only one movie, having everything in it to be considered as a hit : great location as shot in New York, great main character as you have an old narcissistic  groupie and a great DSLR to shoot it. I almost forgot about the sound but I’ll come back to that later.
How to deal with a free spirit seems to be the theme and i do believe that this documentary is what should be showed in movie schools to teach you how to adapt yourself to the shooting condition and to let go all your concepts and what you initaly thought about the project and to really face the monster you have in front of…well not in front but inside yourself. And hopefully the movie didn’t go as planned otherwise we would just have another 60min where you would see the fascination of the director towards his topic (you know, when you feel like “this has to be the one it is so marginal and special and derelict and uncommon and a story will pop up from it”) and the lack of work. Unfortunately what makes this movie strong is what makes out of the movie a not totally finished piece. Is it so bad that you cant enter the story ? Clearly NO ! But after leaving the theater, you just feel like some directing pride made a safety buffer from a full excitement.
On the sound part, how important it is to have good sound quality ! And even more when shooting with a DSLR ! It is all in there everything ! Every little small sound, tone of voice , electronic sound makes it all and how to not feel captivated ?
Today’s food for thoughts are :
– short movies can be a very interesting format but require even more work than long features ; there is no room for hesitations or mistakes , no place for missed shots or approximative editing.
– the future of poetry in movies is in the central European / post communist / upraising countries as you can feel some energy that is rising and the belief that everything is possible. There is a clear difference versus all the western European movies I have seen, where this same energy is the one of the decay and little hope. In other words a clear opposition between construction of the world vs disconstruction of it.
– us, young film makers, have to work more..or get more maturity. Experience and work would say some, opening oneself to our conscience would propose others, I would simply say…accept to work on projects where we can get hurt by the topic. When I say hurt it can be in different ways as well as with different qualities. Good, bad, deeply, smoothly but from the moment we put apart the initial seduction and we dig into the being, I d assume we are closer to a great cinematographic / personal success . It is just like with love. Actually as you are then sharing your movie, think about group love.
– sound sound sound ! Think on how much it is bringing all the feelings and intentions ! I am a freak on such, not always the best example through my own movies, so dedicate as much for your sound as you do for the image. Always think that a sound will provide you an image, and rarely an image will provide you sounds.
– new old ways of shooting…how to explain it. 3 years ago I was reading a comment from a talented newspapers writer – a specialist of movies – and his comment was ” younger generation is bringing to the xxx festival interesting objects but are using the grammar that is too old for them. Making a steady shot of 5 min on an empty image doesn’t increase the quality of your movie or make art out of it….” . My point here, and with all respect and admiration I have for that kind of shots (when they are cleverly made and meaningful), is that we are in a new much faster world, and yes we could argue that having those moments at least in movies is a luxury and therefore highly valid and cannot be criticized, but I think the new generation of audience is ok with shorter shots, even highly stroboscopic shots and they find the same beauty, pleasure and contemplation as the generation before us had with those so long so beautiful ones .
That would be it for today, and again those movie directors made my day so thank you guys !
Tomorrow only one movie scheduled and it will be the end of my diet. After that back to the civilian life that I really start to miss, having a need to go back to the “reel” and leaving the “vision du reel”.
The movies :
“3 din wolnosci”, by Lukasz Borowski, 27 min, Poland
“24 galeti, 7 soareci, 18 ani”, by Marius Iacob, 39 min, Romania
“Laura”, by Fellipe Barbosa, 78 min, Brasil -USA