Last Day – so What ?

Last day in Nyon, a the Visions du Réel festival and only one movie scheduled : 900 days, or how to let the heroes of Lenningrad speak about their …well about what actually ?

Amazing cinematography, great topic and the sad feeling that no real choices were made, or simply the feeling of not knowing what is really the bond between the filmmaker and her movie. I left the theater with the idea of having watched a pretty interesting come. That everything was in there but at the very end, not a real story, not a focus on the real matter that flows all along the movie. Did I need someone to tell me the secret in Russia is a religion ? Or that it takes many generations to change a mindset ? Or that even in official archives there is a part of fake truth ? Strange feeling after yesterday where you felt as being part of the movie, hand in hand with the heroes and with a clear bond to reality.

This being said, if you never heard anything about Lenninsgrad blockage, I think this movie can be the best way of getting to know about, in a very objective way – so thanks for all the job you did on it !

Today’s thoughts are a bit fuzzy :

– the weight of great historical topics are always a trap and you have to find what of your own history is part of the project, otherwise you are screwed

– never take the place of the audience and never show your distance towards the topic of your movie. We always say that what matters is to be curious. Maybe we forget the part about hard work and not only on the context but on oneself too

– there is an audience for every movie, and diversity is the most important regarding artistic works (I mean it is in general as well, but in the context of this week, of course I have to say movies).

That will be it for today – I promise a wrap up of my days in Nyon tomorrow, there is a need for digestion !

the movie :

“900 Dagen”, by Jessica Gorter, 77min, Netherlands, Russia

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