Roll camera ! and…

Action ! or should I say dance !

After a week of sitting in dark theaters, I had the great opportunity to continue yesterday evening, but with less passivity  : back to work for the recording of a live dancing performance. It means me , a camera , a stage where a friend I haven’t seen and spoken to for years made an impressive show.  Length : 13 min. No less no more. Preparation time : 20 times more for sure !  Between the ideas of what matters, how to shoot it, testing the material, scouting and on site rehearsal, well you realize that no matter the size of the project and the final length of it, the level of involvement has to be always the same, meaning the highest possible. Self-confidence,  mutual trust but mainly a rigorous approach is what makes the difference and seals the collaboration. Treating every project with the highest respect is the best way to achieve higher goals. Even if you would consider that some of your work is just a training or made to earn a living, make it seriously. If you think about it, what type of training can lead you to excellence or make a real step-change in your activity…or in yourself ?!

I had a great evening and I could realize how much I like movement and dance. And how much I like to capture it. Many years ago I wanted (and made it) to make a movie using dancing as a alibi for just shooting sequences. Funnily enough this is how I met that friend, but I never shot her dancing until yesterday. In the movie I only wanted to hear her and I had the idea that filming her in a fake daily routine would be considered as dancing. Many years after I must say I was wrong in my approach : I believed that I had to pull out of the person a “myselfmade” concept, instead of giving the person the reason to share with me her vision of the concept. In other words I thought that a filmmaker, as a modern biologist researcher, can use the subject on the other side of the lens as a printer where you ll create whatever you want with, instead of just feeding the person with personal experience and then only wait for an unexpected outcome that will outmatch any expectation….

Today a nice glass of wine gave those thoughts : a 2007 Daumas Gassac. The wine is only 5 years old, but as it says :

Drink young (3-5 years) to enjoy the full fruity aromas. Otherwise drink it after 5 years for a certain maturity, or lay it down for 15-20 long years to get the full benefit and majesty of a great ‘vin de garde’.

It was 5 years since meeting that friend…I look forward for future collaborations …and all my next projects.


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