Love triangle…

or how to reconsider your beliefs

I never thought it would happen to me, but well yes…over this weekend I had to face a situation that is considered as a fantasy by some, a mistake by other, or even a way of living by the rest.

Maybe it can be seen as a seasonal thing : the sunny days following a cold winter give the nature a new boost and sometimes it can be hard to deal with this new energy.

Actually, in my case, I couldn’t make the right choice…and because of it had to accept I would cross the river of certainties. Of my certainties. By not wanting to have to cope with the responsibility of the choice, I decided to see what the consequences of the action would be.

And my learnings are :

– all the greatest concepts hardly make it once facing reality

– there is nothing wrong to enjoy the moment, but then think about what it means and be brave and act with maturity to take a lesson out of it

– accept the impact of this experience and the changes (deep sometimes) that they will initiate

As a conclusion ? Well I can only quote on of my favourite songs from Cole Porter….

” Experiment , Make it your motto day and night
Experiment , And it will lead you to the light ”

ps: by the way…all this was only about….red or white wine for some butter fried asparagus with fresh mint and some colorful zucchini / carrots polenta  😉

once with 2011 Argentinian Sauvignon White from Jean Rivier, then with  2008  Swiss Assemblage from Fonjallaz…diversity matters !

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