On Location

If reading my short bio, you’ll see that I was born in Chile, and then that I travelled a lot of miles to cross an ocean and land in Switzerland. I am one of those that, in the 20th century, was commonly affected by some political crisis in his motherland and had to leave in order to have a future, or simply a life.

When I think about it, I realize that this story doesn’t belong to our new century. That, of course and we have seen it, wars are bringing their quota of emigrants, but as well does the climate change. If I say my story doesn’t belong any longer to this century, it is because it was still the legacy of the Communist / Capitalist blocs fight, in its most standard way. Nowadays we have an East / West, North / South but politics aren’t the front line.

If maybe it isn’t from this century either, it is because, after 29 years in Europe, 29 years in Switzerland, the feeling of being from abroad tends to disappear. I have, since a couple of years the Swiss citizenship : it means a lot to me.

Chilean living in Switzerland becoming Swiss…and in order to makes things easy married with a Polish woman. Think about our children !

And actually, I do think about them. Even more as just yesterday, a new law allows Polish citizens to have another nationality. So many ones. Where will they be from ? Everywhere.

What about the roots ? Everywhere as well ! And my way of connecting their future with, is my new movie project : ON LOCATION, or the chronicle of the small village where I grew up in Switzerland.

Between my 3 and 14 years old, I lived in a small village in the beautiful Gruyere region. A perfect place to grow up. Nothing in common with our life back in Chile, from work to landscape, from language to food. For good and bad.
I left that place 18 years ago…and my parents left the country back to Chile 13 years ago.

Some 3 years ago, I was invited by a dear friend, he’s more like family actually, to assist to the play his theater troup was playing. A local troup. From this village. In the village. I recognized and met some almost forgotten faces. Discussions, thoughts. And the feeling that there was a real beauty in those amateurs acting on an improvized stage for the locals.

It took me 3 years to move away from the simple fascination on what can be seen as a particular phenomenon to enter the real interest of it : almost 20 years went by, my family history, the one of the village, the History with a capital letter.

And the village, as a main character. Its life, its habits, its changes, its inhabitants. Add four beautiful seasons, local activities and a new theater play, a brand original creation, that strangely enough approaches what a life is made of. How it was, how it will be.

It is called ON LOCATION and will ask a full year of shooting and editing. I have a great crew to work with : small but efficient, people that I believe understand the fragility of such project. I have a great sponsor and who knows, if it makes you feel like being part of it, well stay tuned as some crowdfunding could be requiered by the end of next year.

I always tell myself that I prefer an average or failed movie but a great personal experience and improvement. I have the feeling that for this one, both will be successful.

ON LOCATION, a movie by JP Fuenzalida Lorca

Official release date : ***SEPTEMBER 2013***

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