This is where you belong

I am in Poland. Family, work and vacation time : this is the plan. Actually the family and vacation are almost done, with like always a great time in my wife’s parents place and a quite surprising vacation time. Indeed we moved east to spend a couple of days in Krakow and its surroundings (meaning not only visiting the polish kingdom’s jewels but also all the Jewish heritage and drama of the area)
Great discoveries, nice surprise and very hard moments but at the end, and what puts all of it together, something that warmed up my heart and made me feel like back to a known place : liver kaviar, herrings with apples, czulent, beef tongue, hummus, pita, olives in quantity and quality. Nothing to add, just the certainty that when words are not enough, a warm plate is enough to say it all.

Now time to work and 25 short movies are just behind the corner, waiting to be screened over this two coming days. I do look forward to it, to be a great jury member.

And if taking a decision or making a call will be difficult, well let’s discuss it over a nice diner.

The quest Europe movie festival in zielona gora, Poland :

The restaurants in krakow :
The olive tree

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