Daily Archives: September 1, 2012

More than a year ago, I started a project, which is part of what I call the light ones, where not a lot of money is needed but efforts and good will compensate what is missing.

This kind of little project is totally at the opposite of the long documentaries I try to make every couple of year. Indeed I believe that for us, movie directors, it is needed to practice our art in between the larger sized projects. Like a musician, we need to practice to be able to perform freely when the showtime has come.

I was recently talking about it with a colleague and friend : we agreed on the fact that not only you need to but definitely have to. As well the hardest isn’t in running those little projects, but lies in the absence of such. Like kids not going to school for a while, the closer the comeback the strongest the stress…and usually the circle is hard to break.

We are taught to do meaningful pieces all the time. We are supposed to build our career on a perfect model…that was established by people picking out of big men’s careers their success and rarely their mistakes. To always have a great well thought purpose and meaning in all our work is a major threat, if you don’t adapt it to your criterias . It is a common legacy for most of visual artists to define their own scale of importance. And no matter if it doesn’t match what previous generation expects of you, if you don’t want to get crazy, you have to do it. (by the way, when we’ll be in their shoes, let’s remember this !)

In my case, my main interest tends towards everyday’s reality. Like I said in an older post, I believe that the world has much more to offer and to teach me than I have (so far). It doesn’t mean I don’t find my spot there in the big world or that I am not sharing anything or taking position ; rather the opposite I have this certitude we all have a role to play and that one person missing changes the entire balance and meaning of the world.

Because of this, I know the importance of going and asking people for their story. We could even say testimony. My profession means  giving this space to others, to their stories, their situations and to find the most respectful way of presenting it. Of course I have my point of view and my beliefs and you can feel them in what I do. But the most important is this precious balance between everyone’s view and how to present it. Again we are all needed to make the full picture attractive and coherent.

All this to say I have been filming  some amateur and semi-professional models (photography or other) those last 14 months. My initial thought was to understand the meaning of dealing with your own image in our overexposed society. Moving along with the project I realized that the question was only a small part of the project.

So here below the link to the first interview. I tried to make it in a kind of performative way, by choosing with the model one of their favorite actions and a location that made sense to them. Then I let it roll for a while, only asking them to keep the pose. Just like my first passion of painting, giving you the time to travel within the frame at your own rhythm.

Next ones will come soon