Monthly Archives: October 2012

Some days you feel like no matter what happens , all seems right. No matter how much you try to force a situation or to achieve a result, it always ends up with a total opposite content that you’ve planned but it seems even “righter” than what you had planned.

Recently I realized these days are happening more and more often, and specially in my days of shooting. As I mentioned it on some earlier notes, I am shooting a long feature documentary in the village where I grew up (after arriving to Switzerland) and the shooting period will last until June or July 2013. When you initiate such project, you never know how much resources you will need, and by resources it means of course money, staff and material, but more importantly what we could call inner resources : soft skills, energy, dynamism and a lot more things that you can’t just buy. Maybe one that is worth mentioning is the terrible relationship…I think it can even be a ratio between your ego, your “best self”, and everybody’s view on you and your work. As even if we pretend to be detached from what we do – ” come on guys I am not that romantic artist, by the way I am even not an artist I am a movie maker …” –  we get touched when we hear about what we do and even when we don’t do. Talking about our job, sharing our perspective and convincing people to take part to a project are exactly those moments when you are facing nothing but yourself. Actually when you work in a large company and provide your recommendation summary to your boss or anyone else and it comes back with a nice note saying ” it is good but please change all what is in red…by the way can you buy me a new red pen”, well I think it is comparable feeling.

When you are shooting a movie, specially a documentary, you can always hold on to what your idea is and find a thousand of ways of convincing yourself that all has to be done your own way, specially if you have no producer playing with a red pen. But then, and I believe so, and in order to embrace those days when all seems right, you have to carry that red pen with you. When you are shooting what we call “reality”, you can’t just hold on what you believe or wrote down and stick to it. Of course it helps, and the more you prepare your questions on the topic you work on, the more you can adapt and improvise. Otherwise, and it is only my point of view, it means you believe life has to match the model you planned, in other words that the reality is wrong and that your view is right. I had discussions once with a Doctor on that and there was a possible diagnose for such behaviour. In case of a movie , you’ll simply miss the real matter of it.

I worked quite a lot on preparing the project and now that I am shooting it, well I feel like there is nothing I can really push for. I only have to follow day by day, week by week and soon month by month the sequence of events ; change of seasons, people’s activities. I have to adapt to the rhythm of what I am working on. And it feels right even if sometimes far from what I initially planned.

That kind of thoughts often come to me as a result of work in progress, reading in progress and movies that I watch. (Some of them will be part of a later note)

Books :

Shadows on the Hudson, by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Poland and the Jews, by Stanislaw Krajewski

Lumière de l’image, by Alain Jaubert

Movie :

This must be the place, by Paolo Sorrentino

To Rome with Love, by Woody Allen

5 Broken Cameras, by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi

Sonatine, by Takeshi Kitano

The Guns of Navarone, by J. Lee Thompson

It seems all random and maybe you don’t see the link between all these materials…

But to me… all I can say… is that it only sounds right all together.