Daily Archives: October 24, 2013

And some more cleaning, sorting and editing. So many hard drives = so many pictures = the story of my sight !

It is interesting to realize how my way of taking pictures changed (or not?) since so many years ! My first camera was actually my parent’s one, an Agfamatic pocket – the ones made for the 110 films. When I say my camera let’s better say that I enjoyed stealing it and taking pictures with. But the one I even carried to primary school once was a red Minolta Hi-Matic GF – made for 35mm films. I don’t know why or how but I thought that taking pictures around was the most interesting thing to do. I won’t say the pictures were nice or having any quality, but I still wonder why I already had the need to capture moments.

Many years and many cameras after (I have a strange collection, from old 120 compatible cameras to any type of digital ones) , I can only say that what matters to me in the images is the storytelling. Enough for anyone to create its own story. Even when making movies I tend now to make the simplest frames ever in wich an event can grow.

So here below some more pictures, more stories and somehow my own personal history as well…in the reflection of what I’ve seen.

corporate39 doggy you say IMG_0193 IMG_0265 IMG_0302 IMG_0318 IMG_0562 IMG_1245 IMG_1327 IMG_1594 IMG_1623 IMG_1919 IMG_4021 IMG_4167 mini-IMG_9651 oldfoot001096 oldfoot001116 oldfoot001123 oldfoot001125 oldfoot2001003