Monthly Archives: November 2013





These last days I spent pretty much of my days in shootings and editing. To keep a healthy “work-life balance” – yes even when you work in the field of Art a balance is required – I literally escape to the country and go for a 3-4h hike around. I am lucky to live in Switzerland, and mountains are just half an hour away from my place. On top , I am even luckier to go during “working hours”, when most of the people are at work. Beautiful moments of solitude surrounded by the inspiring nature.

I realized that those tours make me  feel more confident in front of Final Cut or with an eye locked on my camera’s viewfinder. All my nervousness and stress goes away onto the right channel, giving me the freedom of feeling more than comfortable when the camera rolls. It inspires me as well and feeds my work more than a lot of movies/exhibitions/essays do !

So I am realizing that…this is to me the perfect frame !…now what’s yours ?





Some weeks ago we made – with Alex Gariplerden – a shooting for a company specialised in super car driving experience. So were we for a full day in the Fribourg area, nearby a dam in the late october. Beautiful weather, remarkable landscape and a Ferrari F430 to promote.

We are in November and the editing is done !




In case you feel like testing such car surrounded by Switzerland’s green pastures, don’t hesitate to contact them !!!