The Swiss Explorer


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Quick, short and efficient one today : in the freelance movie making world, very often all happens at the same time or nothing at all for a long time. Well this time the abundance of projects is a blessing, and specially one that wasn’t really on my radar.

Swiss International Airlines opened a position for what is being called “The Swiss Explorer”, or quoting the company : ” a modern Marco Polo that will test Swiss Airlines services, all their destinations tips and explore new ones”…how to not give a try to work 6 months as a Swiss employee, travelling around the globe as an internal consultant ?

I took me a couple of days to think it over and much less to prepare my application file. On top of the usual documents, a video was required : 10 candidates are selected for the 1st round, 3 are granted a wildcard …based on the rating of their videos. And the rating = the greatest number of votes !

So let’s go on this journey all together and reach that top 3 !!

Vote and share !!/fr/stories/watch/5377bcf8a3d19


sincerely yours,

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