Late post, early start – Locarno Film Festival 1

After a a year break here I am again at the Locarno Film Festival for a couple of days of movies binge watching. The best in all that is that it is part of a movie director’s job : checking on what’s hot, networking, sharing ideas and getting inspired. And I can feel that this year is going to be very special for me.
First of all, I always planned my stay here with an early arrival and a direct jump into the deep shade of the screening locations ; this time I arrived in the late afternoon, and had a break before going to a theater.

Secondly I tend to start with a new movie, and this time I went for a 1955 Federico Fellini movie, Il Bidone.
This was a good choice, despite the frenziness of people wanting to enter the theater in a crazy rush. Just like in trains, planes or cashier line….and no matter their age.
Back to the movie, I would say not the best ever from Fellini but a great one anyway. I have the feeling that I started with a well know and famous grand cru, but just from an average millesime. Maybe this is a nice way to open my week : back to basics to better understand where we stand in current production. As well the plot of the movie gave some thoughts about the profession of directing movies. How much do we twist and play with reality and how responsible are we with what we share. The final scenes on a violent but inevitable redemption on a mountain slope proposes an idea of the downfall and impossible reach of the summit if we avoid decision making and consider the audience with disdaine.

So what am I expecting this year ? I hope some guys will reach their summit with bravery and strengh, sharing their chosen trail and accepting the vulnerability of it.

Am I asking too much ? Or just what it takes for the new generation to redefine the word Cinema ?


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