From Locarno with the frogs – Locarno Film Festival 4

Yes this 4th day in Locarno felt like the promotion of Noah’s Ark. Or like Forrest said : “One day it started raining, and it didn’t quit for four months. We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin’ rain… and big ol’ fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even rained at night…”

If that wisdom convinced me to stay a bit longer in bed and to only start the screenings at 11 am – I missed my old movie ritual – , it actually helped with my forecast accuracy : 7 movies announced, 7 movies watched ! In my former life this would have provided me a salary increase, here I just sound like a nerd.


1. When Borat meets graffiti.

If I say Style Wars, a lot of people of my generation and older ones have shiny eyes and remember graffiti and hip hop early days. In 1983 was released the movie Style Wars or the New York graffiti scene revealed to the world. Well some decades later two young men in Maribor have the same epiphany and first turn their city into a mini Brooklyn, and once they face the Giuliani times in Maribor too (yes replacing the broken glass policy is global). Nothing really exciting but what happened all around the world until the moment their crew watches on YouTube a NY train on which is painted STYLE WARS II. Our two heroes have now a reason to live and die for : who created that graffiti ? And this is when their adventure starts. USA, Austria, Switzerland, Israel ; always on the move, always on trying to find a way to make it – the production is called “no money production” – and to record it. A very nice and amusing trip through different cultures with a common passion. An interesting movie, with the only downside – to me – is that it doesn’t talk about graffiti, but rather about our two fellow having naive / funny / entertaining adventures in the unknown world. Are they really debunking the system from inside by having this attitude ? It is an open question. What’s sure is that they are very cool and relaxed people on the Q&A, that their movie ‘s making most of the movie Festivals around the globe and that fame is round the corner. And isn’t what artists look for ? Isn’t it why nowadays people put their name on the walls ?


2. Can you beat the cube ?

PATCH is a stop motion animation of a multitude of small squares with black or white / black and white paint. Put them altogether on a wall and start the fun of creating shapes thanks to the different tones and shades of every little piece that puzzle. Impressive, specially on a very very large screen. 4 minutes of fun.


3. Holly countryside

This one is a bit one of my favorites of the day. And I am somehow biased. Some 2 years ago I was member of a Jury in a Polish movie Festival, and on the moment of giving the award for the best documentary, I was happy and supportive for the work of a young director and his movie about charcoal makers. Touchy, intimate, close to the nature and very respectful of the protagonists. A movie that deserved that prize. Unfortunately for me the movie maker wasn’t there when distributing the award…. Well 2 years after the director is here, in Locarno, with his Diploma movie on the official short movies selection. And all what applied to the documentary applies to the fiction I watched in La Sala. I recommend you to watch MATKA ZIEMIA. Subtle in both acting and shooting. By the way, if 2 years ago he wasn’t available for the award ceremony, it’s because he was shooting this movie !


4. Dig a shelter, wait for next day

Chilean movie about the tragic death of young enrolled soldiers in the Andes, MUERTE BLANCA is a technical mix of 16mm, animation but as well a clever mix of history, mythology and politics. Treating in a very creative and highly artistic way the chilean conflicts with different source of power, the movie director takes you along a nice pilgrimage to a supposedly safe mountain where devastating improbable storms can wipe you off the slopes of this wide world. Just like the history of Chile.


5. Hungry kitties

4 girls + a studio + recording a song + Punk attitude + wish to be famous + creativity + imagination + Feminism + feelings + hormones = PUSSY HAVE THE POWER. For more, watch again spring breakers…same colors.


6. Poetry and moustache

2 brothers in different locations where nothing happens for both of them, apart from being shot in very nice angles with a high-definition camera and a nice cinema lens. Does a collection of nice footage make a movie ? Somehow yes, but a bit more of a story wouldn’t hurt. VISAK VJETRA could be a long feature ; it seemed like the scouting of the locations.


7. Camera / Action / Nature

Mesmerizing experience in COSTA DA MORTE, a movie about a Spanish region and how the nature dictates the lifestyle and rythm of the human beings. Here not a word in vain, not a frame too much. Everything holds in a magic balance, where the fragility holds in the interest that keeps us discussing with what is on-screen. A true exchange where cinema enters the level of an experience.


Great day with great meetings, projects moving on and new on the way. Regarding the movies I had one very interesting day where I was deeply touched by the directors that were able to share their inner world in the most delicate and exquisite way. Tomorrow I am heading back home, to my office. Editing waiting for me. the most irritating activity to me. I am not a thinker…am I ?


the movies :

STYLE WARS II, Veli SIlver, Amos Angeles, CH/Slovenia, 69 min

PATCH, Gerd Gockell, CH/DE, 4 min

MATKA ZIEMIA, Piotr Zlotorowicz, Poland, 30 min

MUERTE BLANCA, Roberto Collio, Chile, 17 min

PUSSY HAVE THE POWER, Dane Komljen, FR/Bosnia, 25 min

COSTA DA MORTE, Lois Patino, Spain, 84 min

Photo du 66652309-08- à 18.30

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