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I can proudly announce the final cut of ON LOCATION !! This great adventure started in 2012 has passed a major milestone and now it is time to look for the ultimate part of the process : sound mixing, colour correction and DCP (Digital Cine Package) export !

As a refresher, what is ON LOCATION about ?


ON LOCATION is the story of a village and its people, the portrait of a rural community living in a world of tradition and modernity.
Running around the local theatre troupe’s rehearsals for their new play, this village chronicle takes you for a journey in a place where time follows its own pace.
A universe where the contemporary challenges are expressed in a peculiar way, as it is in Switzerland.

I have to admit it has been quite of an experience where what was initially planned got overwritten by the reality of the shooting and the expected outcome took some interesting path to lead to this final edit. Shorter than I believed, less chatty that I had planned. Nevertheless a movie that reached its aim by showing the reality of what most of people’s life is in Switzerland and how it leads to all type of cultural, economical and political choices.

For me the most important through the project was to follow what I remember a director of photography told once in Locarno : If you are about to film some people or a specific situation, do it with respect and by showing all the depth and humanity of what is on the other side of the lens. If you are just making a movie because you need to express yourself no matter what you film, just quit the job.

So I hope I was able to apply that philosophy in this project. I realized how complicated it is to dig below the surface of what is around us every single day. I believe it is easier and probably more fascinating when you get an exotic image in front of you, something far from your landmarks to enter the symbolic and interpretation of a lifestyle. However I think this movie entered that level, and if it isn’t here where people will realize it, well the Swiss exoticism will work on some other foreign locations.

I can only thank all the people who took part to it, all these people who accepted to be filmed and to share parts of their life. It was all done with a great spirit and a lot of willingness, which I think can be seen in the movie.

Now let’s check where this movie will go, how it ll be technically finished and what the audience will think of it ! In other words see you soon in movie festivals or at an audience avant-premiere !! When ?….2015 !!!