News News News !!

Long time no seen !

And the reason has been an overload of work. I realize that last post goes back to December and since….well one main focus :

ON LOCATION (un décor naturel), a documentary project that kept me busy for the last 2 1/2 years, and its post-production for the last 3 months. But this effort was worth as…there we have a beautiful 54 min movie with amazing sound and image – thanks to C-Side Productions in Geneva – and available now in every possible format.

Want to have a look at the trailer ? just click here below !!

The movie has been sent to many movie festivals and now the waiting period had started : where will it be screened ? To which movie market will it take part?

So far….I can only tell you to stay tuned for April 1st new post.. 😉

And again a big thanks to all the people that took part to this project ! It wouldn’t be what it is without them !

vaulruz - poster_anglais PAPER CUT light version

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