Monthly Archives: September 2015

Crowd funding at its best !!!!!



If you like mountains,

if you are an addicted climber

if you are just a generous person that want to support local communities via a great project…


click, subscribe and donate…every contribution is welcomed !


and of course if you know anyone that could be interested in it..just share it ! it s another great way to support them !



A little fun over the weekend, asking myself as elections are approaching which one is my favorite candidate….

really hard to decide…and I bet it is the case everywhere else for every election…

so enjoy this little animated cartoon…



ps : I truly ask myself how to explain to my son that when choosing someone to represent us, I do it thinking about his future…



Another movie..I mean still the one about mountains and all I can say is that the final editing seems pretty close now !!

Great news for me, as I always repeat editing isn’t the funniest moment for me at all. Nevertheless I was taught that not everything is enjoyable in life and that duties are duties. Because yes like I repeat very often too – oh my god I am so old ?? – movie making is a job and like any job you have stuff you prefer doing and some that you would dream about delegating.

Anyway enough of it ; what else about the movie ?

A new trailer, freshly baked and available for you all, as well as a new synopsis !!

so click on the link below and enjoy the trailer… round the corner the movie might be released too !



Am I too pushy if I say if you like it why don’t you share it ?? 🙂 …nnaaaaa I know you ‘d do it anyway !!