I like food. I should better say I love food. And I love cooking. If not becoming a filmmaker (so far..) I ‘d have become a chef. Actually I even spent many summers in an hostel kitchen helping a chef and cooking for 100 people everyday. I just loved it.

Two days ago I was preparing the evening diner, when I realized that since I am independent, I have been cooking almost every single day. Am I tired of it ? NO. Am I slowly reaching the limits of my imagination ? NOT YET ! But my note isn’t about how creative or tired I could be in cooking ; no in fact I realized that what matters the most to me, is to be opened and ready for any food every day.

So was I cooking and listening to the great set up for last’s evening french presidential debate. All what I could hear were comments on how, without moving from their strong built identities, both runners would have to embrace some changes to convince new electors to vote for them.

It is like they would have to add some spices to their favorite dish just to make it tasty for others. But is the food still nice if you are only adding anecdotal ingredients to a full base that you won’t touch at all ? Or if you are adding some extremely bitter ingredient that only a minority of people adores, is it worth ? I think the idea of mixing or to reinvent old traditional recipes is a good one , but isn’t it better to do it from scratch ? when you prepare your meal, think about what the result would be and then go backwards, and find what is needed. Or just get all the ingredients and be opened for a totally unexpected result that could go beyond your imagination and offer a new kind of taste.

Today I got up, and after reading the newspapers I realized that they overcooked, “over-spiced” and just changed the wording of their old same recipes.

As for me, what did I eat  that other evening ? well some fish finger sticks from Norway, a couscous salad with Greek accents with a glass of white Hungarian muscat. Dessert ? Italian ice cream , tropical fruits and Irish cookies…and it all felt right, tasty and promising.