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And some more cleaning, sorting and editing. So many hard drives = so many pictures = the story of my sight !

It is interesting to realize how my way of taking pictures changed (or not?) since so many years ! My first camera was actually my parent’s one, an Agfamatic pocket – the ones made for the 110 films. When I say my camera let’s better say that I enjoyed stealing it and taking pictures with. But the one I even carried to primary school once was a red Minolta Hi-Matic GF – made for 35mm films. I don’t know why or how but I thought that taking pictures around was the most interesting thing to do. I won’t say the pictures were nice or having any quality, but I still wonder why I already had the need to capture moments.

Many years and many cameras after (I have a strange collection, from old 120 compatible cameras to any type of digital ones) , I can only say that what matters to me in the images is the storytelling. Enough for anyone to create its own story. Even when making movies I tend now to make the simplest frames ever in wich an event can grow.

So here below some more pictures, more stories and somehow my own personal history as well…in the reflection of what I’ve seen.

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Spring in this part of Europe hasn’t arrived yet, and the last days – or should I say weeks – have been the last whispers of the winter, rather than the first words of spring.

Nevertheless I won’t complain. Even if I had to postpone a lot of outdoors shooting of the documentary. Even if now I am fully equipped to shoot the monsoon. Even if guilt is always around the corner for not going further on with work.

In fact all that rainy, cold and maybe snowy weekend to come brought me back to my early teenage days, when in admiration of the great painting masters, I desperately was looking for another studio than my overcrowded room, in order to be more like them, and to maybe get touched by the grace of the eternal and immediate talent. It is the same like when now you approach the 40s and you first buy all the running equipment hoping it will inspire you to run more often.

So these last days I had to come back to some “studio” work, and having my office at home, I had to concentrate on preparation and production rather than shooting like it has been for the last months. Being stuck indoors and with nothing to edit – I actually could do a bit but editing is planned this end of year, and with a proper editor that would bring a true new perspective to what I recorded , in other words the beauty of making a movie that resides in a collective work – I realized I left something apart for a long time : sketching.

My years of active painting and drawing were fulfilled with sketching moments. A draft can be needed for later, and the more you draw the closer the shapes are from the final goal….

But how does it work in movie making ? Some would say it is about the reading and documenting. Some about cleaning the lenses. Some about the networking.

For me it is about “sketches for a movie”. And I am not talking about a storyboard, but really about drafts. When you study, in the cinema school they repeat all along ” experiment all the time even for minor projects”….but when you enter the reality of the job, money, time, production support and meaning of your work makes that even the smallest free shot you do is under the shadow of profitability and a certain type of effectiveness. And what can we say, this is the society we live in…it influences us as well…and actually we were taught like that….

So I learned again on how to make some non profitable, low efficient, average quality exercises, or drafts, and actually – and it is my case, I don’t pretend we are all the same – it opens my imagination to new ideas I could shoot for the Gruyère’s village documentary, and for a new photographic work.

And the less it has a connection to the big serious piece of work I try to achieve, the better it is !

So just a little sneak preview…


Today ‘s a day when on top of writing down the shooting journal of the movie (scenes, lengths, focus, etc etc), it is time to clean some old pictures files.

Indeed as I am starting a new photographic project, I thought it could be good to dive into old stuff, to understand which direction I am taking in that project. It made me realized I am always stretched between 2 poles : one that is more on the fashion side, and the other on the realism.

For me I call the first one my legacy photographic mind, and the second the attractiveness of life.

So let’s share some of the first category, more to come on the second…

and if you ask yourself what is the new project about, well a true mix of both !!


010_0 Image019_20A 022_0

Another little portrait of a very interesting person, with a very interesting story.

It really takes a bit of everyone to make this great world so interesting and coherent.

I was initially planning to have all those portraits on small screens on a wall, in an exhibition room where you could see them as paintings, but having to get closer to hear their story. So totally at the opposite of all the stroboscopic images and loud noises that surround us in too many moving images.

Isn’t there anything nicer than the sincerity of someone’s voice ?